Industrial 3D Design
Simulation of Solar Panels
3D Design of a Villa
3D Chess Design



We help companies in the development and marketing of their products by providing:

  • Industrial 3D Modeling of Equipment, Site, Production Line, etc.
  • Industrial Animation of Technical and Technological process, Teaser, Innovation and Ideas, etc.


We are capable of:

  • Architectural 3D Modeling such as Interior and Exterior Design, Landscaping Design, Lightening, Material and Texturing, etc.
  • Architectural Walkthrough and Animation.

Our Clients

O ur services are designed for industrial companies, studios, architects, advertising, designers, real estate investors or individuals who are interested in visualization of their productions, new ideas, or innovations. A full understanding of our customers’ requirements helps to create appropriate 3D models and animation that have the best effect.

How we work (Process)

A fter signing Contract with clients, we need some project information (such as a blue-sheet, Cad file, photos, etc.) to proceed with the project. Then we create or modify (if there were any) the 3D model. After getting our customer feedback, we create camera, lightening, material, and so on. Finally, we will get the final render to create high quality (HD) photos or animation.

For more information on Damselfly 3D Design, you may watch our Motion Graphics