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About Us

The art of three-dimensional design and animation has had a significant impact on dreams to come true in recent years. And by portraying innovative designs and ideas it helps to understand them more than ever. On the other hand, this art by showing technical and technological capabilities of the companies and businesses (including Industrial, Architectural, and so on) defined its role in modern marketing, increasingly.
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In this regard, by using utilized modern equipment and professional and committed team (including experts in mechanical engineering, architecture, graphic, and programming) as well as the use of up to date software, at the Damselfly 3D Design we try to create effective and efficient ideas for helping you to achieve your goals and introduce your abilities with the best possible way and be proud of it. Briefly, we provide professional, high quality 3D product modeling and animation services to various businesses and companies.

During the 7 years of work, we have tried to satisfy and allegiant our customers with quality and commitment. In addition, by reviewing and learning from past experiences, we also made progress during the projects.

Our differences with others
Damselfly 3D Design

The most important feature that distinguishes us from others is our attention to detail of the task, indeed. We believe that complete and special attention to the details ensure the quality. A point that many do not have!